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Baggage Best Handled Only At Avianca Airline

Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines is the flag carrier of Colombia. This airline has its headquarters located in Bogota DC. Avianca Airlines is the pioneer carrier of Colombia. The airlines along with its subsidiaries have the most widespread network of destinations. The airlines now cover about 187 destinations in 27 countries. Avianca Airlines is the second largest airlines in Latin America and the largest in Colombia. This airline is the world’s 2nd oldest Airlines. This year the airlines complete a span of 100yrs. Over this 100yr, Avianca has gained the trust of the fliers because of its track record. This airline is amongst those very few airlines that have never had any fatal accidents in the past 3 decades. If you are looking for a travel plan that is affordable, Avianca Airlines Reservations have to be your ultimate option.

Avianca Airlines Reservations


Managing baggage on a travel plan is a cumbersome task in its self, know about how Avianca Airlines deals with your baggage they also bring for you some guidelines regarding the handling of your baggage

While you are packing

  • We will suggest that you must put the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase to prevent the clothes from creasing.
  • Always pack your shoes in plastic bags in order to prevent your clothes from getting soiled.
  • When you are choosing your bag, Always keep in mind our policy on baggage allowance.
  • We allow baggage that is within the limit of 158 cm (62 in) that is the sum of the external dimensions (height + length + width) as checked baggage.

For Carry On Baggage, maximum of 55 cms of height (22 inches), 35 cms of length (14 inches) and 25 cms of width (10 inches).

At the Check-in Counter for Avianca Airlines Flights

  • You must always remove the tags from previous flights.
  • Distinguish your baggage inside and outside with the identification sticker,
  • Mention your name, phone number, area code, e-mail and the address on your bag-tag.
  • Check that the number of the baggage tag that you receive belongs to the number of checked bags always keep them with you until they’re requested at your destination.
  • If you are traveling and have a connecting flight, always keep in mind that your baggage will be checked until your final destination only if all your flights are part of the same carriage contract.
  • Sometimes for international flights, you’ll need to collect your baggage at the connection point, and go through the customs control, and give it back to the airline for your next flight.

While claiming your Baggage

  • We strictly recommend for safety reasons you should never agree to remove, look after or carry bags for strangers.
  • Make sure you claim your baggage as soon as you arrive at the destination airport.
  • Check that the baggage tag matches the one you were given.
  • If you’re not able to locate your baggage on arrival, you must speak out it to a member of the baggage staff of Avianca Airlines Flights before leaving the airport.

These guidelines come handy when you travel with us. We always aim to provide you services that will always be for your benefit only. By now you are completely sure that Avianca Airlines Reservations is a perfect way to travel across the United States and beyond that also.

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