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Etihad Airways Reservations - Baggage rules and regulations

Etihad Airways Reservations

Etihad Airways is an Arabic Airlines that hails from the United Arab Emirates. It is the 2nd largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. Its headquarters and base both are at Abu Dhabi. The airlines have excessive connectivity across the United States. Currently, the airline operates more 1000 flights in a week. It manages a network across 120 destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. The fleet size of the airlines is of Airbus and Boeing amounting to a total of 117 aircraft. Etihad Airways are best known to provide you with comfort during your travel. Etihad is not an airline it is an experience and in your lifetime you must totally experience it. Book tickets now for Etihad Airways Flights.

Come have a glance at the Etihad’s Baggage Policy.

Checked Baggage

The airlines allow you the following bags as the following limit.

  • In the Economy Class, you can take up to 2 bags that can weigh 23kg each
  • Business Class allows you 2 bags that can be up to 32kg each
  • The First Class permits 2 bags these must not exceed the weighing limit of 32kg each.

If you have any queries regarding this speak to our experts while you book your tickets at Etihad Airways Reservations.

Cabin Baggage

Along with your checked baggage allowance, Etihad Airways Allows you to bring a small carry-on bag and personal item onboard.

Economy Class

  • You can bring along a cabin bag having a maximum weight of 7kg. The maximum dimensions must be (50cm x 40cm x 25cm) that includes wheels and handles.
  • You can also carry a personal item which must fit under the seat in front of you. That item must have a maximum weight of 5kg. It can be a laptop bag, a handbag, or Duty-Free purchase.
  • For all Infants, under two years old 1 cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 5Kg is allowed.

Business & First Class

  • For our featured luxury experience, you can bring along up to 2 cabin bags with a maximum combined weight of 12kg. The maximum dimensions per bag must be 50cm x 40cm x 25cm including wheels and handles.
  • Along with that a personal item having a maximum weight of 5kg is allowed. It can be a laptop bag, a handbag, or Duty-Free purchase.
  • When traveling with infants under two years old the allowed baggage is 1 cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 5Kg.

For any other guidance in this respect contact our experts at our Airlines Reservations.

Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs)

You may carry up to 15 electronic devices that include a laptop, a tablet, an e-reader, a mobile phone or a medical device during your flight with us. The number 15 must be in a total of both your cabin and checked baggage. Any device that is packed in the checked baggage must be completely switched off and not in sleep or hibernation mode. It will be your diligence to pack it in such a way to protect it from damage.

The team at Etihad Airways Flights always strive to deport your baggage with utmost priority. In rare cases, when a bag has not been handed over to you within 21 days from reporting your delayed baggage, the Baggage Claims Department at

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