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Vacations play a crucial role in our life. Vacation means new destination, new culture, new cuisines, new stories and what not? So to make your vacation hustle a bit easy, China Southern is now giving China southern airlines check in Option, online. Grab this chance to cut short those long check-in queues and to enjoy the vacations more.

Safari in San Diego

The city of San Diego is the home of some of the most exciting zoo, Animal Park and Aquarium of the whole world. San Diego zoo safari park is 1800 acre zoo opened in the year of 1972 is now the one of the biggest attraction of San Diego County. This zoo is the home of 2,000+ animals of 300 species including some rare and extremely endangered animals like Bengal Tiger and one horn Rhino. 2 million people visit this amazing zoo annually. SeaWorld of San Diego is also widely famous for its exotic fishes and mammals collections. Last year SeaWorld witnessed around 4 million people. The live shows of SeaWorld like- Orca Encounter, Dolphin Days, Sea Lions Live is the main attraction. San Diego Zoo is one of the other most popular attractions of San Diego, visited by over 2 million visitors per year. Travel to San Diego and experience these amazing places with your family and friends. Book your affordable China Southern Airlines tickets now.

Life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas or commonly known as “Vegas” is the most popular city of the Nevada state. A desert city but the meaning of Las Vegas is “the Meadow”, yes, this city is actually like a meadow in the center of a dessert. This city is also known as the entertainment capital of the world because this city is the hub of most famous casinos in the world such as The Paris hotel and casinos, the famous hangover movie hotel Creasers. Vegas city is popularly known for its nightlife and carefree atmosphere, that’s why it’s also get the title of the city of sin. In many Hollywood movies, the city of Vegas is represented as a place where you can live your life freely. Well, it’s all true Las Vegas is like a meadow in boring dessert like life.

Museums in Las Vegas- Vegas is not all about gambling the some of the most famous museums of the country is located in the city such as The Neon Museum, The mob museum, Las Vegas natural history museum, the DISCOVERY Children's Museum, the Nevada State Museum and the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park. Las Vegas is also popular for its every kind of conventions from comic convention to car conventions. Be ready, Book affordable tickets of Southern china airlines and make a trip to the city of Sin.

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