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Seattle is one of the most well-known cities of the United States, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy some fine sights and engage in cool activities. There is plenty of other options for you to enjoy in Seattle and you will know more about it in this piece. Book with Hawaiian Airlines Flights and enjoy special deals and offers.

Hawaiian Airlines Miles

Visit the Museum of History & Industry

Enjoy the new galleries and multimedia displays in a new location in Lake Union Park at the north edge of downtown. Its exhibits on life in Seattle and Puget Sound cover everything, which includes maritime past to cutting-edge culture. Outside in the waterfront park, you will find the watch boats scud across the lake and float-planes take off. If you like boat riding, then do check out 100 historic boats, a wharf, rental boats, and free vintage-boat rides on Sundays. There won’t be any charges for entry.

Admire Some Finest Seattle Art Museum

Witness the masterpieces of European painters and ancient Asian artwork to Native American carvings and contemporary sculpture. This museum is considered one of the top highlights of the city, which combines with cool gift store and restaurant offer unusual souvenirs and a good meal. The regular fliers with Hawaiian airlines are eligible for Hawaiian Airlines Miles which gets added on your every trip.

Get a Sight of Olympic Sculpture Park

View some spectacular designs that stand among world-class sculpture. Take a walk among amazing views of the city, harbor, and mountains. The entry here is free so you could enjoy the outdoor sculpture garden that spreads over 9 acres of a seaside bluff of downtown. It has been transformed from an industrial backwater into the cool place of artwork such as Alexander Calder’s Eagle, six tons of red-painted steel that gives an image of an abstract soaring bird. Take a walk along the 1.2-mile waterfront path in next to Myrtle Edwards Park.

Take a Cool Boeing Tour

You can bask into splendid Boeing’s ‘Future of Flight’ exhibits, and see what all is made inside the Boeing factory. This location is about 25 miles north of Seattle in Everett. What is unique about this setup is that it is the biggest building by volume in the world which is 472,000,000 cubic feet. It holds the production lines for various Boeing jets, including the 787 Dreamliner. Here you will get to enjoy the exhibit and 90-minute guided tour at small entry fee. Hawaiian Airlines Reservations is offering great deals and offers with a list of destinations to choose from.

Savor Some Cool Meals at Chinatown International District

Many consider Seattle’s Chinatown has been in existence since the city was established in the 1880s. It is presently considered International District and has been a cultural hub for Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and other immigrants. The place is full of Asian restaurants and shops, and home to the Wing Luke Museum that chronicles the life and times of Pacific and Asian Americans in the area.

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