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New York and Paris both are a really beautiful city and hold positions in the list of world’s most popular tourist destinations. Not surprising that from New York to Paris is one of the busiest international air routes in the world. If you are thinking about flying through this famous route, then this information will really help you to clear all clouds of confusion. Here know everything from major airports to how to save money on air-tickets tips.

Flight from New York to Paris

Being one of the most famous air-route in the world comes with its perks. Every major airline in the world provide their services on this route means lots of flights flies between clouds of these two cities every day. Here learn about some flight facts of this route:-

  • Travel Distance: 3624 miles
  • Cheapest Day of the Week: Friday
  • Expensive Day of the Week: Thursday
  • Flights per day: 83
  • Flights per week: 602 (non-stop)
  • Avg. Flight Duration: 07.00 Hours
  • The first flight departs from NYC: 7:30 PM Alitalia Flight #7614
  • Last flight departs from NYC: 11:55 PM Air France Flight #4081
  • Airlines that often fly: Air France (7 times daily), Delta (7 times daily), Alitalia (7 times daily)

Direct connected Airports

If you are flying from New York you will depart from these Airports:-

  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Newark Liberty International Airport 
  • John F Kennedy International Airport

When your flight lands in Paris, these airports will be your arrival airports:-

  • Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport 
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Paris Chalons-Vatry or Paris Orly Airport

Airport procedures of the flight route of New York to Paris

If you are traveling internationally for the first time, then you should do a little research about the customs and immigration procedures that you need to complete before boarding any flight. If you are a frequent flyer than read the information below about all main procedures:-

Is it necessary to clear U.S. customs before flights from New York to Paris?

No, flyers don’t need to under any immigration or customer checks at the airport before the flight. However, once the flight land in Paris, the flyer will need to go via French Passport control.

Are the immigration and customs procedures the same at Paris Orly and Paris Charles de Gaulle?

Any flights from New York to Paris lands on any airport of Paris need to go via French Passport Control.

What is Schengen, and is this beneficial for U.S. citizens?

Schengen is an agreement that states if U.S. citizens complete the immigration and customs procedures in one of the Schengen countries, they can travel within all agreement countries without going again through the procedures. France is a part of this agreement.

How to get the best deal on tickets of flights from New York to Paris?

There are numerous platforms available in the market that provides you deal and discounts on air-tickets, but all process is different. Here at Flight in US, we compare hundreds of websites and online sources in seconds with the help of our special customized software and provide you the most affordable deal. You can book tickets with us at the most affordable price available in the market. Make your journey more convenient with our services that include:-

  • 24/7 online customer assistance
  • Instant tickets booking
  • Early bird check-in
  • Know your Flight status anytime
  • Special Assistance for passengers with a disability


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