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Keep these in mind when you travel in a Southwest Airlines Flights

Southwest Airlines Reservations

The frequent fliers with Southwest Airlines have proclaimed it to be the best domestic travel airlines. Airlines have always provided its customers with an affordable and safe medium of travel. If you have ever traveled with Southwest, you will know that the type of services that you get with them are specially designed to provide you great comfort. Also, the type of deals that you get here at Southwest Airlines Flights will help you save big time while you travel in comfort across the United States and beyond that. Southwest has always aimed to provide top-notch services to our customers and this is why we bring for you special tips

Pack with Care

Packing baggage is story that is best told to each its own. Whether you’re a roller, folder, or bundler, it’s important to be aware of items that can be packed with the cabin luggage and what can go in the checked baggage of the aircraft. E-cigarettes, spare batteries, Medication, and assistive devices should be carried in the cabin of the aircraft whether you pack it in your personal bag or carryon bag. If your carry-on bag contains any of the below items and required to be checked, make sure the items are detached and remain with you in the cabin in a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag.

  • Medication
  • Assistive devices
  • E-cigarettes
  • Spare batteries
  • Keys

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Tips for an Easy Flight

The team at Southwest Airlines want your flight to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. When choosing a seat onboard, try selecting a window seat for the CRS if possible. Always keep in mind an accompanying adult must be seated next to the child. If a window seat is not available, please utilize a middle seat. A CRS may not be positioned in the following areas:

  • Aisle seats
  • Any seat situated in an emergency exit row.
  • Any seat that is in a row directly in front of or behind an emergency exit row.

The Authority prohibits the use of certain types of restraint devices, such as backless booster seats, safety belt extensions (commonly referred to as "belly belts"), and vests or harness devices that attach to an adult. Although certain devices may carry a language indicating they are approved for aircraft use, please understand that they may not be permitted.

Advice to Pregnant Fliers

While air travel does not usually cause issues during pregnancy. However if your delivery is expected within 14 days or less, traveling can be an issue. Additionally in some cases, traveling by air has been known to cause complications or premature labor. Female fliers at any stage of pregnancy should consult with their physicians prior to air travel. The airlines recommends in contradiction of air travel beginning at the 38th week of pregnancy. Depending on their physical condition, agility, and strength, pregnant women may, in some cases, be asked not to sit in the emergency exit row.

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