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Meet the allure of San Francisco via British Airways Flights

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The city of San Francisco is the hub of amusement for the tourists all over the world. It is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the region of Northern California. It is ranked as 13th among the most populated cities in the United States. It stands on the second position in the highest density of population in the US, just behind New York. San Francisco got the biggest fame in 1849 being the Californian Gold Rush home which made it the largest city that time on the West Coast. It is very famous for many reasons; one of them is its restaurants. A few of the best chefs in the US have got lucky enough to call it home. Having lots of amazing things to do here, in this blog, let’s read about some superb places and things to do in this city. Reach here in the safest British Airways Flights at great discounts.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Somewhere in the middle of Marin County and San Francisco Bay, there lies the most popular Golden Gate Bridge. it is acknowledged as one of the contemporary wonders in the world. This bridge opened in 1937 when it came out to be the longest bridge of suspension ever made.

It is created from steel with 1.7 miles as total length. This bridge is known to be the most captured bridge in the whole world. The six traffic lanes are there on the bridge which carries millions of people each year. The time before the making of bridge, the people then used to get a ferry to reach the two places. That ferry company was known as the Golden State Ferry Company. Also, at one time, it held the prestige of being the biggest ferry company all across the planet. Book your journey to this place via British Airways Reservations at the lowest costs.

The Waterfront of Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco’s popular waterfront group is located at Fisherman’s Wharf. In this place, you will experience the yummiest food with the enjoyment of one of the best dinings of the world.

You’ll find outdoor stands here trading fresh Dungeness crab. Various restaurants of gourmet selling the best of fishes caught in the day.

You can even arrange from here, so many different tours in the area which includes walking, boat, Segway, and a lot more. Take British Airways Flights to reach here, conveniently.

Relax At Golden Gate Park

Every year, around 13 million tourists make a tour at Golden Gate Park exploring San Francisco’s most astonishing places. This charming space spans around 1,017 acres having many amazing places to relax in and explore. You’ll love to discover the picnic areas, lakes, playgrounds, gardens and monuments.

All over the calendar, this place offers abundant plethora of activities and events taking place in this park. Even, you can organize your wedding or any special event here in the gorgeous gardens taking photographs along with the mesmerizing sceneries in the back drop.

Reserve your tickets to the enticing San Francisco via British Airways Reservations, and mark a fantastic journey at enormously low rates.

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