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Save More on Each travel with Swoop Airlines Reservations

Swoop Airlines Reservations

Swoop Airlines is a Canadian ultra-low-cost airline. It is a newly initiated airlines that have commenced business in February 2018. In a year’s span, the airlines have managed to cover 14 destinations. It flies between Canada and the United States. It has a fleet size of 6 airplanes. The airline’s fleet of aircraft is painted with the Swoop logo that is large across the fuselage. It also has a pink tail with a white line leading up to a silhouette of an aircraft. The winglets of all Swoop Airlines Flights are painted in a similar pattern to the tail, pink with a white stripe through it. Book yourself an experience to newness with new airlines at Swoop Airlines Reservations.


Come have a glance at some of the benefits that you get when you travel with us

Swoop 101

Swoop 101

Usually, when you travel you have to face the problem in finding the best flight. Finding a flight ticket that is affordable and fits in your budget is a task. Airlines generally are bundlers, which can be great for convenience, but it does not fetch you affordable tickets. Swoop Airlines is the only one who provides Ultra Low-Cost Carriers in the form of Swoop Unbundles. This is a comparatively new concept in most parts of North America. ULCC that stands for Ultra Low-Cost Carrier has been gaining momentum across the world for years now. And now, Swoop Airlines brings this concept here. With the initiation of this concept, Swoop Airlines makes air travel much more simple, affordable and accessible for every traveler.

The Main Concept

The concept runs on the basis that we provide you a base price that starts with just a seat. For all other services, we’re creating à la carte service that puts the traveler, in the position to select the best for them. You can add an appetizer, food items, checked baggage or in-flight entertainment at an additional cost that you can check with us. The fare is lower without hampering the fact that we are flying a safe, comfortable fleet. In order to make the ULCC model work, Swoop Airlines Flights are standardized in sizes, seating configurations, and flight patterns. So the next time you travel doesn’t forget to check what is added in your bundle and pay for only the services that you require.

Swoop is an airline that is initiated to make travel affordable for all. We will always offer you the lowest available airfare. We do not have any minimum or maximum stay-over requirements. And our fares are generally stated on a one-way basis including applicable taxes, fees, and charges. So don’t go anywhere else and book tickets only at Swoop Airlines Reservations.

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