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Latam Airlines is a Chilean airline holding company. Its incorporation is under the Chilean law. Latam Airline has its headquarters at San Tiago. The airlines focus on providing dedicated fleet in the domestic market of Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. Affiliates of Latam are located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru. Along with all their affiliates, they are operating a mutual fleet of 315 planes with a network of transport services to 137 destinations in 24 countries. Latam also offers cargo services to 144 destinations in 29 countries via 18 airplanes. Reserve your tickets for your next travel at Latam Airlines Reservations to get the best deals and great comfort. Let us by then look at what services are covered by these airlines-


You need not worry about troubling your child at your next travel. The safety and comfort of your infants and children will not be compromised even on long hauling flights. The following are provisions for accompanied and unaccompanied travel-

  • Children aged between 2 & 11 must travel with an adult. However, for exceptional cases, Latam offers Unaccompanied Minor Service.
  • Children aged between 12 & 17 can travel unaccompanied. Though there is always an option to opt for Unaccompanied Minor Service.
  • The adult accompanying children between 8-11 yrs. of age can travel in some other class also.

The experts will help you in accepting or solving your query.

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Although because of safety reasons, the use of electronic devices is restricted while flying. Know more about our safety policy while booking your tickets. But Latam Airlines has the following guidelines for it-

Permitted equipment

The following equipment is permitted on a flight

  • Personal video and music players with headphones only.
  • Laptop, with wireless connectivity, deactivated.
  • Electronic handheld gaming consoles without the option of remote control.
  • iPhone, Blackberry, smartphones with deactivated wireless connectivity

Did not find your device on this list? Contact our team while reserving your Latam airlines flights tickets.

Restricted equipment

  • Devices that are operated by remote.
  • Cell phones not having the facility to deactivate the wireless connection.
  • Any device that is capable of data transmission like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile internet, etc. and cannot be deactivated.
  • Electronic cigarettes

Wish to carry some specific electronic device, contact our experts to know about it while reserving your tickets at Latam Airlines Reservations.

This is a list of few services that Latam offers to every client. And you can save a big pool of resources when you book your flight tickets. You can reach out to our experts round the clock. Experts are available 24/7 & can be contacted for extra discounts, offers, vouchers & more.

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