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First Class Tickets at Low Price at Cathay Pacific US Reservations

Cathay Pacific Flights

Cathay Pacific Airlines is the flag bearer of Hong Kong is also known as the Cathay Pacific or Cathay. The head office of this airline is located at Hong Kong International Airport. This airline serves to almost 190 destinations across the globe which includes almost 60 countries. This airline is old & in the year 2016, it celebrated its 70th anniversary. And in the year 2018, this airline had some shareholders that too major ones including Cathay Pacific Cargo, Cathay Pacific, and Cathay Dragon carried 27 million passengers along with 1.8 million tons of cargo & mail. Plan to fly with this airline to your desired destination only via Cathay Pacific US Reservations.

Come let us study more about how what all do Cathay Pacific have an in the bag to offer its passengers.Add paragraph text here.


Checking-in online is always favored nowadays as it not only saves time but also provides you with your favorite seat. Online check-in option makes your travel a bit a more easy & convenient. By checking-in online, you do not save your energy but also you secure your favorite seat for the flying experience. With the online check-in option, you can print your boarding pass at your ease or can download it on your mobile phone or simply can collect it at the counter. Learn about rules & regulations related to online check-in at the time of ticket bookings via Airlines Reservations.Add paragraph text here.


While you plan to fly with Cathay Airlines, you need to follow the following rules related to your baggage. Though these may change only in certain situations, of which confirmations can be made.

  • Cabin Baggage- Clients with an affirmed seat may bring 1 pack on board the airship that can fit in the overhead compartment, in most extreme elements of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (22in x 14in x 9in). These dimensions incorporate wheels, handles and side pockets. Clear your doubt from the experts anytime at Cathay Pacific Flights bookings.
  • Small Baggage- Clients with an affirmed seat may bring 1 all the more little thing on board the airship that can fit under the seat in the front, in most extreme elements of 15cm x 30cm x 40cm (6in x 12in x 16in), notwithstanding their lodge gear. These things include a little pouch for money change, mobile, earphones, etc. Workstation sacks, small rucksacks, camera bag, folder cases or any other such small piece of the bag that can be easily adjusted under the seat in front of you, is what you can carry with you.

Any confusion or issue with same can be resolved by the experts on Airlines Reservations booking while you’re making the bookings for your trip.

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NOTE- These measurements include wheels, handles, and side pockets. Learn more about the same at Cathay Pacific US Reservations.

In case you have any question regarding the same, you can reach the experts at Cathay Pacific Flights. The experts here will get back to you anytime you reach to them for ticket-booking & would definitely help you.Add paragraph text here.

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