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Why Choose EVA Airlines for all travel plans?

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EVA Airlines is Taiwanese International airlines having its base in at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan. The Airlines is headquartered in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The airlines are currently operating over 40 international destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. The fleet size of the airlines is 76 aircraft. EVA Airlines is premium 5-star rated airlines. The team EVA Air makes it a point to provide the all its fliers deals that you won’t get anywhere else. You just need to book tickets with us to your destinations and we will make sure that you get value for money deal.


In this blog let’s talk about the Good Things of EVA Airlines


Online Check-In - Once you make your reservation for Eva Airlines Tickets you will be able to check-in online for your EVA Air flight. Go to the airline check-in page to find out more information about what you can expect. You can also download the airline mobile app to manage your flight booking, check your flight status and check-in online. Online check-in opens 48 hours before departure and closes 1.5 hours before departure.

Airport Check-In - Opening times for check-in desks vary depending on the airport departing from. It is recommended that passengers check in at least one hour before scheduled departure time for international flights. However, for larger, busier airports, passengers should arrive three hours before to check in.


EVA Airlines Flights offers fresh, tasty and healthy enjoy meals on board flights to all Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class passengers. Passengers in Premium Laurel Class and Royal Laurel class passengers can enjoy a five-star main course, which can be pre-ordered, in addition to starters, desserts and a salad bar. Fliers can pre-order special meals to match up to any dietary requirements. Fliers have the option to purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic at any time but some classes may get drinks included in their fare. Premium Economy passengers are generally served complimentary drinks with their meal, including wine, beer but also non-alcoholic drinks. However, the Royal Laurel Class passengers can expect a choice of famous wines and other alcoholic beverages, including their high-quality champagne.


This is a Frequent Flyer loyalty program initiated by the airlines. The points here are earned depending upon miles traveled and a class of service. You can redeem the points for upgrades and free tickets. The program is classified into four tiers: Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Membership in the program is free. Members of this loyalty program can not only benefit from streamlined reservation procedures and airport privileges but can also enjoy accelerated mileage accumulation. Your journeys could be arranged to be more flexible, smoother and more comfortable. Bring your Infinity Mileage Lands membership card, and fly around the world with EVA Air.
Benefits of Membership

Membership benefits include the following
• Dedicated reservation line
• Dedicated check-in services
• Holiday gifts Diamond Card Holders
• Evergreen Lounge access
• Dedicated customer service hotlines
• Additional baggage allowance with priority handling
• Discounts on car rentals and hotels

Apart from this, there are other benefits for the permanent members of the airline's loyalty program.
These and many more services are initiated by our team to get the best of the benefits for all your travels. So now you know you have to book trips only with EVA Airlines Tickets to get the best of benefits and premium class travel experience.

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