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How We Handle an Unaccompanied Minor at Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Reservations

Southwest Airlines is a major United States airlines that have a great command over the domestic market. The airline was initiated in the state of Texas, which is why it has its hub in Atlanta and headquarters in Dallas. You won’t find more affordable airlines than Southwest that makes it the most preferred airlines by domestic passengers. The airline covers a network of over a hundred destinations and the network is still growing. The latest addition in the list of destinations will be Kona International Airport. So what are waiting for? Book tickets now for Southwest Airlines Flights.

Let’s discuss in this blog how we look after Unaccompanied Minor

Important Information

We at SW Airlines Flights provide Unaccompanied Minor service to and from all domestic destinations. We make it a point to not transport Unaccompanied Minors on flights that might get diverted or canceled due to inclement weather or other operational abnormalities. We expect you to arrive at the airport early. Review our suggested airport arrival times. Make sure that you allow enough time to park the car, obtain your escort pass, go through security, and check in at the gate. Pets are prohibited to travel with Unaccompanied Minors. Although we want to inform you that our Flight Attendant will check on the child periodically, but will not continuously monitor the child throughout the flight. Don’t worry about your child just book them now with us.

Keep these handy

Keep the following information handy when making your UM reservation:

• The child's full name

• Your relationship to the child

• The child’s address

• Telephone number(s), including area code

• The child's date of birth

• Information about both the parent/guardian dropping off with us and the one picking him/her up from the destination

For any other queries please speak to our executives at Southwest Airlines.

Tips to prepare for child

• You have to make copies of the child’s itinerary for both the child and the parent/guardian picking up your child in the destination city.

• If the flight is during one of the meal times, don’t forget to pack some food or snacks with the child in case they get hungry.

• You can monitor the child’s flight status by downloading the Southwest app so.

• Make sure your child’s device is charged before leaving for the airport.

• Your child must have the contact information for the parent/guardian who is going to pick them up.

These tips will come handy when the board Southwest Airlines Flights

Onboard with us

• One of our Flight Attendant will check on the child periodically, as duties allow, but we might not be able to continuously monitor the child throughout the flight.

• Your child must carry the UM lanyard around their neck at all times.

• Your child needs to follow instructions given by our crew, including wearing a seatbelt.

• Please ensure sure that you and the parent/guardian who will pick up the child are available to answer phone calls during the flight time in the event of a flight irregularity.

• Your child will be escorted off the plane and would be taken to meet the parent/guardian at the destination.

You can rest assured when your child is with us as our team will do their best to make your child comfortable. We make sure your child has a safe and fun journey at Southwest Airlines Flights.

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