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Start knowing about China Southern Airlines Reservations

China Southern Airlines Reservations


China Southern Airlines is an airline that hails from China. The airlines have its headquarters situated at in Baiyun District, Guangdong Province. The airlines are the world's 7th largest airline measured by passengers carried. It is also Asia's largest airline in fleet size, revenue and passengers carried. It has its main hubs at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. This airline operates about 2,000 flights to more than 200 destinations daily and was once a member of SkyTeam. So for a great flying experience book tickets now at China Southern Airlines Reservations.

In this blog you some of the services that we provide you with


China Southern Airlines offers you First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class.

  • First Class - China Southern Airlines brings for you an "Experience Luxurious Sky bed". It is equipped with personal privacy, a 17-inch personal TV, in-built massage, and fully reclining seat, which features a comfy seat and converts into a fully flat bed with a personal TV. China Southern Airlines offers Premium First Class on selected flights. This cabin offers more amenities to you and is more spacious than Regular First Class. You will also get a variety of lighting options and a private storage cabinet with a password lock.
  • Business Class - Business Class also offers a fully flat bed and an adjustable privacy divider. It is equipped with a USB port and a reading light. It also has a 15-inch TV.
  • Economy Class - Economy Class offers you a comfortable seat and a 9-inch personal TV. It also has a multi-adjustable headrest that will add to your comfort.
  • Premium Economy class - China Southern also offers Premium Economy class, which is much more spacious than Economy class. In most aircraft, the seats are compared to in Economy. These class seats are equipped with fixed-shell premium economy seats.

For more information, speak to our executives China Southern Airlines Reservations.

In-Flight Entertainment

We at China Southern Airlines Reservations brings for you over 600 hours of excellent entertainment programs. All our newest flights are well equipped. Most of them have advanced audio/video program selecting systems are installed. Thus passengers can enjoy plenty of movies, along with TV programs and audio programs. You can know that your favorite show or movie is on the list when you book tickets at China Southern Airlines.

In-flight meals

Our In-flight menu is designed to ensure that you savor every bite of your food. You can enjoy both the finest East Asian cuisine and the best Western food while cruising at 10,000 meters. The authentic and unique Chinese meals and meticulously prepared Western meals that there will always be something to suit your taste and waiting to surprise you. Choice from a wide variety of menus the best one for your travel when you book your tickets with China Southern Airlines.

These and many more services are offered by our team and onboard crew. Book now to experience an amazing travel China Southern Airlines Reservations.

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