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See the horizon of NYC with Premium Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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Travelling can turn you into a storyteller. The world is the most marvelous creation of the creator, every inch of the world is a masterpiece and unique on its own. The best way to memorize the beauty of a place is, to feel it and see it with own eyes. Without enough memories, life looks a little colorless and the best way to add more memories is traveling. The New York City of the USA is a great place to earn new experiences and to create memories. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful and magnificent NYC, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

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New York City- The City of Dreams

The great American dream, this word has an own fan base and NYC is the best place to complete it in reality. People from all around the world come to this city to experience the American dream. Every place has its own unique specialty and NYC has the specialty to give life to dreams, that’s why it’s known as the city of dreams. NYC is the biggest metropolitan area in the world. The city is the home of some most iconic structures and places such as Central Park and the world’s heritage site- the statue of liberty. Every year around 62 million people visit this place to admire and experience the beauty of New York City. NYC is the place that everybody wants to visit once in a lifetime but heavy air transportation fares make them think twice. Now, don’t stop yourself to visit this city, travel with Virgin Atlantic Airlines and get great discounts on air tickets.

This city is blessed by nature and a marvelous man-made structure; let's dive in to know more about NYC.

Statue of Liberty- a national monument

The statue was a gift from the people of France to congratulate America for their hard earn independence. The statue is made of copper and designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi- a famous French designer. The Green lady is inspired by a famous figure, roman liberty goddess- Libertas. The broken chain and shackle lay on her feet indicate towards the abolition of slavery. Statue of liberty is also a UNESCO world heritage site, without a visit to this magnificent site the trip of NYC is incomplete. Enjoy the view from inside the crown of the statue. Visit this beautiful green lady with your loved ones, book your tickets with Virgin Atlantic Airlines now.

Central park

The iconic central park was built in the 19th century, designed by landscape architecture Fredrick Law Olmsted. The park covers about 843 acres and visited by 35+ million visitors every year. The Park offers so many attractions to its visitors which include- the Ramble and lake, Central Park Zoo, Central Park Carousel. Don’t forget the Delacorte Theatre which hots famous Shakespearean plays in summertime. Central Park is one of the most filmed in the world. Find answer why this park has this gravitational pull which attracts so many people. Book your affordable tickets with Virgin Atlantic Reservations and add the story of this beautiful park in your traveler blog.

Other famous places

Enjoy a 360- degree view of the city from the top of the iconic Empire state building. Visit amazing museums including the Natural History Museum in NYC. Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds, Liberty Cruise, and many more adventure which waiting for you in the city of New York.

Become a storyteller, explore new places because the world is wide but life is short. Book your affordable Virgin Atlantic Airlines Tickets and see the world. Happy journey!

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