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Travel Copenhagen with Icelandic Airlines at Amazingly Affordable Cost

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Feeling an urge to travel somewhere relaxing and adventurous at the same time? Grab a chance to make unforgettable memories in the splendid world of Copenhagen this season. Now check Icelandic Airlines Flights Status anytime on your mobiles and book your flights at the best affordable prices and experience first tier comfortable trip to your dream destination.Add paragraph text here.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark since the early 15th century. It is located on the eastern coast of Zealand Island. It holds great importance in Denmark in terms of culture, economy, and administration. Copenhagen Stock Exchange is one of the main financial centers in Northern Europe. The city is decorated with different parks, promenades, and waterfronts. Millions of tourists visit Copenhagen for its classical museums, amazing nightclubs, and world-class restaurants. Tivoli Gardens, the statue of The Little Mermaid, the palaces of Amalienborg and Christiansborg, Frederik’s Church, and Rosenborg Castle Gardens contribute to the landmarks of Copenhagen. It is one of the most eco-friendly and bicycle-friendly cities across the globe. Arreso is the largest lake of Denmark which is located about 27 miles northwest of the City Hall Square is a great center of attraction for the tourists. The most accessible metro networking expanded across the city enables easy mobility of tourists. Copenhagen is full of entertainment, delight and exciting ventures. A trip to Copenhagen brings a deep sense of wanderlust fulfillment. Make your trip with Icelandic Airlines for a hassle-free and comfortable experience that will linger in your memories throughout life.


Nyhavn is an entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark built in 17th century famous for its mesmerizing waterfronts and canals. It is surrounded by vividly colored townhouses and cafes made in 17th and early 18th century. Many ancient wooden ships are harbored by the canal. It spreads from Kongens Nytorv to the harbor of the Royal Playhouse in the south. This district is an ultimate fun point and a source of recreation.


The Round Tower, often known as Rundetaarn is a tower built in the 17th century and lies in Central Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built as an observatory to study astronomy and was an architectural project of Christian IV of Denmark. The equestrian staircase of this tower is 7.5- turn helically shaped pathway which leads to the stage at the top of 34.8 m from the ground. It allows the tourists to see mesmerizing spacious views over Copenhagen. The Round Tower serves as a historical monument, an observation tower of the Copenhagen views and an astronomical station for the public. There is a library hall also in the lower part of this tower which serves as a spot for exhibitions and concerts.

So don’t miss the chance to travel to the wonderful world of Copenhagen with Icelandic Airlines Reservations to get amazing deals and discounts on every single trip. Hurry now!

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